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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! 

I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way to raise vital funds so young people can still get the support they need to rebuild their lives after cancer. Young people in recovery are going to need the Trust more than ever in the aftermath of COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels. I’m challenging myself to 200 miles over 8 days (each Saturday and Sunday of September) to help make sure the Trust is still there for them.

As a young person who has had the chance to travel with the trust, I know how essential and beneficial the trips have been for me on my road to recovery. I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Round Britain 2017 challenge,  being a crew member of the 14th leg from Cardiff to Holyhead. Since that trip I have always wanted to travel a similar distance to that of my leg to fundraise and raise awareness of the invaluable experiences that the charity offers.

Please support me on my challenge and make a donation. Whatever you can donate, any amount will help young people start to reimagine a future they might never have thought possible.

I will keep this page updated and also have updates on my Instagram/ Twitter @findyournishh.

I can’t wait to see how this progresses and hope you can support me along the way!

My Updates

Third Weekend

Wednesday 23rd Sep
Between last weekend and this weekend our puppy fostering duties came into play so we've been looking after a gorgeous little pup since Monday!
On Saturday my sister had the exciting move to university so we headed out to Wales in the evening once everything was sorted for her.
Sunday we had to get up and going quite early, I had an MRI scan booked in on Monday morning which meant I couldn't eat past 5pm so I knew I'd have to be done at the lake by 4pm to give us time to get back and have my dinner early. 
I didn't end up doing that well at getting up early as i was in pain so it took a while. We got to the lake at 10:30am, I was still in pain but just wanted to get the miles done so set off. I covered 25.89 miles in 2h 50m in one go with a few quick water stops! I was extremely impressed with myself! The weather was nice and there were a lot of people up at the lake so after some lunch we decided we had time to walk along the road and find a little quiet spot to have a sit in the sun and relax for a bit! 
Not for too long though! By 3:40pm I was getting in the lake to do my swim to the other side and back, there was no wind on Sunday so the swim was really relaxing. I only had one break in the middle of swimming across the lake so my stamina is building up a lot more than I thought! I got across the lake and back in 15 minutes which is also 5 minutes quicker than the last time I went right across!
I was back and having dinner by 4:40pm and then sat and enjoyed the sun for a bit longer before heading home.

Second Weekend

Wednesday 23rd Sep
I want to just quickly start by apologising that I haven't updated this sooner, I've been shattered to say the least!

Saturday 12th- We got to the lake at about 11am and I set straight off. The weather was pretty good; a bit cloudy and not much wind which was nice! I rode 15.09 miles in 1h 48m and then stopped for my lunch. I had about an hours break and then set back off on my second ride at 2:20pm. I hadn't realised (I was too busy eating) that the weather had changed quite dramatically and although it was now sunny, the wind was blowing a gale! I was finding it pretty hard to cycle up hill even on a relatively easy gear and it juts seemed to be getting worse. 
I finished my second ride in 1h 13m completing 9.51 miles, thinking I would make up the other half mile swimming.
It was so windy at this point that there were white horses on the lake but I really wanted to at least try and have a swim, so I set off, bobble hat on and buoy in tow. I got about two thirds of the way across and for most of the swim thus far I had just been repeatedly slapped in the face by the waves with the water either going up my nose or in my mouth. I was exhausted and obviously knew I had to get back so decided to call it a day and turn around. I finished at 5pm, got changed and warmed up with hot water bottles and headed back to get straight into bed and play cards!

Sunday 13th- There had been a massive storm over night which hadn't cleared by the morning so we snoozed the alarms and had a lie in. Got to the lake at about 12pm and it was horrible, the wind was ridiculous. I don't really know why I didn't expect this because after all it is Snowdonia and its one of the wettest places in the UK... I was clearly looking at it with rose tinted glasses! 
I tried to start a cycle but i got earache within the first length as it was so ridiculously windy and it took me nearly 20 minutes to get 1.8 miles done, not to mention the fact I had to change into a really easy gear to cycle DOWN hill!!!
I was pretty upset I couldn't carry on so we headed back to pack up and drive back to Liverpool. As we got down to Llanrwst the sky was blue and the sun was out; I was fuming! We got back to Liverpool and it was gorgeous, which just annoyed me even more! I had a quick cuppa and then decided at 6pm I wanted to get to my half way point of 100 miles by midnight like originally planned so I set off around Sefton Park. i covered 19.78 miles in 2h 7m without a break so I was pretty happy with that! I went home, had dinner but then ended up in quite a bit of pain so I couldn't move. I was still in nearly as much pain two hours later but I was set on getting the miles in so I went back out at 10pm accompanied by my mum as the pain was still pretty bad. We did 5.75 miles in 47m with a fair few amount of breaks because of the pain but I got to my half way mark and completed 100 miles by 11pm!! 

First Weekend

Wednesday 9th Sep
Just realised I haven’t mentioned where the location of my challenge is!! I’m cycling next to Llyn Geirionydd, the lake is just under a mile long and there is a road that runs along the whole length of it. That is also where I’m doing my wild swimming! 

On Saturday I had a late start as I didn’t sleep, so we got to the lake at about 1:45. It took a while to sort out the tracking of my progress when we got there so didn’t end up starting till 2:20pm after a practice run! I completed my first 5 miles in 38 minutes and soon realised the road isn’t actually anywhere near as flat as I thought it was... and 25 miles seems quite a lot! 

After those first 5 miles it was about 3pm and the weather had started to go a bit cloudy so I decided it was time for a swim! I got changed and marched with dignity to my starting point. I was the only person in the water over the whole weekend with no wet suit, whether that’s stupidity or courage I’ll let you decide! 

It was pretty cold getting in but I acclimatised relatively quickly and got stuck in. We’d already measured out half a mile along the road so I swam along next to it with my mum cheering me on as I went (doing all the photography and videography!).  I reached half a mile in 30 minutes, got out and walked back to the car where I warmed up for 2 hours with hot water bottles, peppermint tea and some pasta that we cooked on a camping stove! Preparation is key... thanks mum!💙

After warming up we realised it was getting quite late and I hadn’t completely that many miles yet so I hopped back on my bike and did 11.8 miles in 1h 30m, all together bringing Saturday’s distance travelled to 19.12 miles. It wasn’t 25mi like we’d planned but with a late start, 2 hours lost in the middle and a bad back I was pretty happy!

On Sunday I got up a lot earlier, we were at the lake by 11 and I set off for my first ride of the day at 11:20am. I did 13.29 miles in 1h 36m and by that time I felt like jelly! On my last length of the lake for that ride, I pulled in to let a van past and my leg just gave way and I fell into the, very soft, ferns and heather lining the road. That’s when I realised I needed a break and a dip in the lake.

The lake is split by buoys, the bigger side for motorboats and the more sheltered part for anyone wanting to kayak, paddle board etc. On Saturday I had swam in the main section of the lake as there were no boats but this time there were two so I couldn’t swim along there. I decided to go and get changed and have a paddle in the sheltered part of the lake, once in the water however, I decided I wanted to have a swim so I set off across to the other side of the lake instead! I thought it would be a lot more challenging than it actually was, it turned out to be one of the most relaxing open water swims I’ve done! I do have a buoy attached to me trailing behind so when I get a little tired I just bob around on that for a bit and then carry on. I got to the other side of the lake, had a little sit for a minute and then headed back. Some parts I felt like I was in the sea as the waves from the motorboats sent big ripples along as I swam. There were also people passing me in canoes and other swimmers (In wetsuits) looking very experienced wizzing past me.

This time when I got out of the lake, the car was only over the road so I didn’t have the chilling walk back like I did on Saturday which was nice. I got changed and had my hot water bottles, peppermint tea and pasta again. 

Once warmed up it was about 3:30pm so I got back on my bike and did 15 miles in 1h 56m, I knew I wanted to get my 25 miles for Sunday done, plus a little extra. Sunday’s total miles covered came to 28.81 miles so I was very pleased!

My overall distance covered for the first weekend was 47.93 miles!! I’m so pleased with how it’s gone so far and can’t wait to carry on next weekend. I was ridiculously exhausted by Sunday night so since then I’ve just been resting! 

I’m even more amazed at how much we’ve raised, the amount at the moment is £439 and I’m speechless!!! Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated as well as all the lovely and encouraging messages I’ve received! I can’t believe it’s only been just over 1 week!!! 

I’ll get some pictures and videos posted soon, thank you again for all the support, it’s all been a bit overwhelming but in a very VERY good way! 

A goal should scare you a little and excite you ALOT!!!

Saturday 5th Sep
Wow, so the last few days have been a rollercoaster already! After showcasing my fundraising page for the first time on social media on Tuesday, you all managed to complete my goal to raise £200 within the first 24 hours of this being up! I was speechless and at that point I realised there’s no backing out now! 

The same night I set this page up, I ended up getting a spasm in my muscles from down my neck, into my shoulder and then down the right side of my spine... what a great start. I couldn’t turn my head or my body and I couldn’t put any weight on my arms to move either so I was a little stuck, not even thinking about what we would do this weekend!

Whilst being bed bound and trying not to think about the weekend, I decided what better way to pile on even more pressure than to raise my fundraising goal!! Since our target had already been exceeded you have covered the cost of two (nearly 3)  essential volunteers being able to travel with young people to and from trips across the UK!! When I say essential I mean it, I personally find it very daunting leaving home even just for a few days, so having the volunteers there to support me through the travel before I’ve even got to the start of the trip really is essential because I don’t think I/ and a lot of others could make the journey on our own!

Fast forward to this evening, Friday 4th, it’s now 23:25 and we’re just passing through Colwyn Bay and heading into the countryside... OH NO WE’RE NOT!!! As I was typing we approached our junction and it’s closed... what (another) great start! After a short diversion we’re back on track.

Heading to bed as soon as we arrive at our home for the weekend and hopefully up early in the morning!

Thank you for all the lovely messages along with the donations, I can’t wait to get started! 🥰

P.s The pain has subsided with the help of a lot of painkillers and I’m hoping to just try and power through! Nothing a cold mountain lake can’t fix!! 😅

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