Kate Steven

Maggie & I are doing Round Britain Our Way

In 2017 I had the privilege of managing the Trust's Round Britain project. Spending time with the young people, crew, supporters and hospitals around the country gave me a first-hand insight to what the Trust does so brilliantly - rebuilding confidence in young people in recovery from cancer.

So, I'm delighted to be involved in Round Britain Your Way 2020 to help raise funds for the Trust.

Young people in recovery are going to need the Trust more than ever in the aftermath of COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges they and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these.

With fundraising events cancelled holes have also appeared in fundraising targets so, if you've saved money on your commute, cappuccino or a few bar tabs over the past six months a wee donation would be much appreciated. 


You are very welcome to add a donation to my page or, for the more competitive along you, let me introduce Maggie. 

Maggie is my 10 month old sprocker spaniel who loves to run. We are out walking every day but, to date, I've never tracked her actual mileage. For the duration of September she'll be wearing a tracker so, how far will she go???

Message me (via this page) with Maggie's mileage for the month and closest to the final figure will win a bottle of champagne (or lovely box of chocs if you prefer!). £5 per guess but you're welcome to have as many guesses as you'd like...

For those who don't know Maggie here's a wee video showing her approach to a sea-side walk: 


From me, Maggie and the Trust - thank you!

My Updates

Thank you

Thursday 1st Oct
So, the final tally for Maggie (the now 11 month old pup): 167 miles... THANK YOU to everyone who donated and congratulation to all the Round Britain team. Here's to sailing together again soon. x

Been running up those hills...

Sunday 20th Sep
10 more days to add to the tally so, we're planning to run up some more...

Athlete recovery time...

Thursday 17th Sep
Over 22,500 steps for me today, plenty more for Maggie (who is now taking some well deserved rest and recuperation!). We'll be back on the case again tmw...

Half way....

Tuesday 15th Sep
Half way through and still loving adding the miles to the Round Britain pot!

Totting up some miles by the Tay....

Tuesday 8th Sep
lovely weekend to add a few more miles to our tally...

Thank you

Tuesday 8th Sep
Maggie checking in on donations so far - every penny very much appreciated, thank you. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ian And Joy Steven

Maggie to complete 399 miles


Ben Russon



Aidan Mcgovern

2.2 miles per day x 30 days = 66miles. Run Maggie run


Georgina Wright

Between you and Maggie this is going to be many miles. Good luck! Gxxxxx


Mark Crawford

Yay! Go Kate, go Maggie!!!


Tessa Bartlett

45 miles? Good luck Maggie!


Nicola Hunter

Run Maggie, run!!! Great cause to support. Love Nick x


Kate Steven


Elita Mcfarlane

Lovely to see you and Maggie join the journey round Britain again! 🐕🚶‍♀️ Many happy memories of our wonderful time on Moonsprey together. Lots of love Elita xxx