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I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way

I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way to raise vital funds so young people can still get the support they need from the EMCT, to rebuild their lives after cancer. As a young person, the EMCT played a key role in rebuilding my life after treatment, giving me a community in which I belonged and where I learnt that my experience was not abnormal or unusual. Through my work volunteering with the EMCT, each year I have the pleasure of seeing first-hand how the trust continues to assist young people in re-building their confidence and building a group of friends who can comprehend their journey through treatment.

Young people in recovery are going to need the Trust more than ever in the aftermath of COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels. I’m challenging myself to cycle 210 miles throughout September to help make sure the Trust is still there for them.

Please support me on my challenge and make a donation. Whatever you can donate, any amount will help young people start to reimagine a future they might never have thought was possible.

My Updates

Week 2: Still Climbing

Sunday 13th Sep

Searching for the steepest hills in the local area no longer seems the best idea I’ve ever had, although everything is starting to ache, this week the search for the steepest and most challenging hill in the area continued. The horizontal rain that met me on Monday as I climbed Parbold Hill and Bank Brow illustrated that autumnal weather is setting in whether I like it or not (Pictured). Amid the challenging weather, this week’s rides have taken me to 3 of the highest peaks in the area, climbing over 6,400 ft, passing historic relay Beacons as well as modern telephone masts on my way (sure signs of regional high points). 


By Wednesday 16th I should have surpassed my initial goal of 210 miles, but my challenge will not stop there, it then becomes a competition against myself to see how far I can cover before the month is out.

Week 1

Sunday 6th Sep


When the EMCT announced the Round Britain your way, I knew I had to join in, and I knew I had to cycle. Although I could have picked flatter routes to build up miles quicker, I decided I had to make it a challenge, cycling up the various steep hills that surround my home.


Tuesday 1st Sept (17 Miles): I thought I would start the week with a quick and familiar ride, one that offers a nice mix of climbs, flat roads and descents. The route is not the steepest I will encounter on this challenge, Red Rock lane with an average 7.1% gradient and maximum gradient of 18.4%, however it blew away any cobwebs in the system.


Wednesday 2nd Sept (10 Miles): A day of torrential rain and relentless wind, that seems like the perfect conditions to tackle one of the toughest hills in the area. Shaley Brow (Pictured) turns any ride into a challenging route, as the winding road with a patchy surface gets steeper and steeper, I had to swallow my pride and engage the lower cogs on my cassette.


Thursday 3rd Sept (14 Miles): I could have danced around the house when just as I got my bike out the garage for a third day of cycling, the clouds subsided and evening sunshine bathed the roads around West Lancashire. Although the headwinds that have been ever present this week persisted and battled me for every pedal rotation, the absence of any major hill gave me a less challenging ride.


Saturday 5th Sept: (42 Miles): A 07:15 alarm on a Saturday morning can only mean one thing; wake up, down a mug of coffee and get on my bike. Cycling past fields of grain with the sun shining, a trip through the rural north-West felt like a ride through rural France. As the miles ticked down and the lactic acid built-up, the final miles past enticing coffee shops were almost torturous.


The first week is done, 82 miles completed and although my legs are started to ache, I’m ready to get back on my bike and go again for week 2. The main difficulties this week have been weather related, battling persistent blowing wind has made my first week more challenging than expected. Next week I intend to tackle my most brutal route, which includes the snaking climb of Parbold Hill and Bank Brow, a short but brutal climb which gets the heart pumping and legs burning.

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Pete Chapman

Great to see that video again,I must have watched it a dozen times. I hope you manage to reach what ever targets you’ve set for yourself,knowing you I’m sure you’ll surpass them.Good luck mate👍🚴‍♀️


Frances Darling

Always an inspiration. Have no doubt you'll do what you set out to do and more. Hope you raise loads of cash. 😊


Amanda & John Seddon

Good luck love- keep on pedalling! Love Mum & Dad x


Mike & Maria Seddon

Hope this helps others as you were helped


Anne & John Chapman


Ayan And Robert Davidson

Go Jack! Robert wants to know if you're going uphill all the way! What an amazing cause. Good luck!


Jack Seddon


Sam Bunce


Rachel Bunce

Good luck x


Alex Collins

Well done Jack 🌟keep going!


Vicky Havard

Good luck Jack x


Andrew Hardy

Good luck Jack and try to enjoy it, fantastic cause👍


Alice Maley


Sharon Hayes

Good Luck Jack x


Debbie Barwell

Amazing effort. Well done, Jack xx


Louise Seddon

You best keep pedalling so I get value for money here! Love Weez & Will “I give Jack treat money for this month” lots of licks, Pinto


Louise Moran


Mike & Amanda Chapman

Good Luck Jack



Good luck mate!


Wendy Woodhouse

Don't be a fair weather cyclist....keep Pedalling!


Nicola Raven


Sally Moran

Good luck Jack, great cause!


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Caroline Heaven

good luck