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I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way by skating 10 miles through Derby

So many of you know I was the mate on the amazing 2017 round Britain voyage. It was hands down the best experience of my life and even to this day I think of all the funny and inspirational moments we had together on the trip. 

Lockdown was hard for me like many others who benefit from the trust as I was told to self isolate for months. In that time of isolation (and to be fair even now at times) I felt useless, lonely and fearful of the future the same feelings I had going through my own treatment for chronic myeloid leukaemia. 

Sailing with the trust in the past helped me process those feeling but due to COVID there is no sailing. So I had to find another outlet, before I’d go to the gym but that’s a no go area for me at the moment too. At the beginning of lockdown I ran, but that soon got boring. Then my brother, Dan, started roller skating. He plays ice hockey but the rinks closed so he decided to roller skate outside instead. He dragged me along to an empty car park and I was hooked! So my new lockdown obsession started and we created a roller group here in Derby.

Now I’m a bit more confident and with it hopefully being nice weather this week I want to challenge myself to my longest skate of 10 miles. The only other time I’ve done that much distance in any exercise was for the great south run I ran with my dad for the trust. 

I know I’m a bit late to the party as I believe the target has been smashed (whoooooop!) but I want to try and add my little bit too 😊 so fingers crossed I can head out this week (hopefully Sunday weather permitting) and help add my little bit to the total.

I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way to raise vital funds so young people can still get the support they need to rebuild their lives after cancer. Young people in recovery are going to need the Trust more than ever in the aftermath of COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels. I’m challenging myself to roller skate 10 miles to help make sure the Trust is still there for them.

Please support me on my challenge and make a donation. Whatever you can donate, any amount will help young people start to reimagine a future they might never have thought was possible.

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