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I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way

I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way to raise vital funds so young people can still get the support they need to rebuild their lives after cancer. Young people in recovery are going to need the Trust more than ever in the aftermath of COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels. I’m challenging myself to cycle 122 miles (my Round Britain leg from Stonehaven to Edinburgh) around my local Lochs and hopefully raise £289 to match the distance I have sailed on all my EMCT sailing trips, to help make sure the Trust is still there for them.

Please support me on my challenge and make a donation. Whatever you can donate, any amount will help young people start to reimagine a future they might never have thought was possible.

My Updates

Day 22 twilight cycle

Tuesday 22nd Sep
Back in the saddle for dad and me after I had a night off at the cinema yesterday. Mum's legs still recovering from her Nevis walk so back up team on duty.

Day 20

Sunday 20th Sep
Thanks to the wonderful Williamsons for cycling with me today. Good chat and catch up.

Day 19 cycle video

Saturday 19th Sep

Day 19 cycle

Saturday 19th Sep
Super Sunny Saturday cycle with Dad round a perfectly calm loch. Mum walking up Ben Nevis today so dad fixed his bike and got back in the saddle. Quick 6 mile cycle in glorious conditions. Past the 2/3 mark now whoop, whoop.

Day 18

Friday 18th Sep
Nonno back for another cycle but this one hurt a bit more than most( watch out for those toe clips😂) Really appreciate your support Nonno, enjoy your holiday 🇮🇹

Day 17

Thursday 17th Sep
Thanks to Mum for cycling with me each night. Loving the chats!

Day 16

Wednesday 16th Sep
We almost made it round before it got dark tonight! It was cold!!

Day 15

Tuesday 15th Sep
Thanks to my good friend Beth for cycling with me tonight. I enjoyed our chat!


Monday 14th Sep
Hooray I’ve past my halfway total distance! 🥳
Oh no!!- I’m only halfway! 😩

Day 14

Monday 14th Sep
A twilight cycle tonight on a beautiful still evening. Lots of wildlife out with rabbits and squirrels running across our path and bats swooping overhead. The biggest fright of the night came from the Heron taking off right next to us though-Mum nearly fell off her bike!

Day 13

Sunday 13th Sep
Nonno back to help out again. Another blustery day!

Chip pit stop

Saturday 12th Sep
A pit stop for chips is becoming a habit!

Day 12 Afternoon

Saturday 12th Sep
A huge thank you to my wonderful friend Kirsten and her puppy, Clova, for joining me in my cycle this afternoon.

Day 12 morning

Saturday 12th Sep
Don’t be fooled by the lovely sunny picture. It was so windy I almost felt like I was cycling backwards at one point! Managed another 5 miles with Mum though and hoping to get out again this afternoon with a friend-watch this space.

Day 10

Thursday 10th Sep
A lovely cycle with Mum tonight. It was very windy again so we cut into the woods at one point and watched a red squirrel playing in the trees.

cycling sisters

Wednesday 9th Sep
Enjoyed having my big sister Iona out with me on tonight's cycle before she heads off to start Uni this weekend.

Day 9 cycle

Wednesday 9th Sep

Day 8

Tuesday 8th Sep
A horrible blustery wet cycle tonight. Still managed to do the necessary 4 miles to keep me on target.

Day 7

Monday 7th Sep
As you can see it was getting dark when we cycled tonight. We had a bit of a disaster-Dad’s bike broke! Mum and I cycled on alone and poor Dad had to walk home!

Day 6

Monday 7th Sep
It was great to have my friend Chloe join me today. We managed a sneaky pit stop for chips!

Day 5

Sunday 6th Sep
22 miles down, only 100 to go!!
I can’t believe that I’ve now exceeded my second money target. Everyone has been so generous. I’ve now decided to aim big and go for a new target of £750.! 

Day 5 afternoon cycle

Sunday 6th Sep
Thanks to my Nonno for cycling with me and cheering me on this time.

Day 5 morning cycle

Saturday 5th Sep
Two cycles today after day off for friend's birthday yesterday. So Dad out this morning and Nonno keeping me company this afternoon.

Day 3

Friday 4th Sep
You can see the Tay estuary in the background which I sailed down on Moonspray on my Round Britain Trip.

Day 3

Friday 4th Sep
It was good to get out on the bike tonight after a day at hospital getting scans. 

Day 2

Thursday 3rd Sep
The swans didn’t seem to mind the rain- I did!

Day 2

Thursday 3rd Sep
I can’t believe all the generous donations I’ve already received. Thank you so much. I’ve already exceeded my £122 target so I’ve decided to up the challenge! I’ve sailed a total of 289 miles with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust so I’m now going to try to raise £289!! I’m still just going to cycle 122 miles!!! Managed another 4.2 miles tonight in the rain.

Day 1

Wednesday 2nd Sep
The challenge begins! A cold clear evening. Midges are out!

My challenge

Wednesday 2nd Sep
My first experience with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust was when I was 10 years old. It was the summer after my first cancer diagnosis and I didn’t know any other children who’d had cancer. I had an amazing time and loved being with people who all understood what it was like to have cancer and just get on with life and have fun. I have now been on 4 fantastic trips with the trust and they have helped me through some really difficult times, including my cancer relapse 18 months ago.
I was lucky enough to take part in the Round Britain Trip  where I sailed the 122 miles from Stonehaven to Edinburgh and had the best time. I’d really like to help raise Some money for the trust so these amazing trips can continue so I decided that as I cannot sail on the water this year I’d cycle around it. I’m going to try to cycle 122 miles around my local loch and try to raise £122!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anne & Andy Maltman

What a great example you are to us all, old and young alike. Best wishes and love from Anne and Andy


Eloise Pearson

Well Done Elita- what a fabulous inspiration you are.


Dave & Jude

Well done Elita!


Douglas And Hayley Gentleman

You are incredible Elita! Well Done to you! Xxx


Isdale &alison Anderson

Great progress. Congratulations on all you efforts.




Chris Baughan

Keep those legs pumping!


Laura Mcdonald

If only I could join you for both the chips and the cycle, I would! O miss you lots and am so proud of you Elita! Keep going! Lots of love and hugs from Tassie. Laura x


The Garness Family

Well done Elita! You’re doing so well ! 🚲🚲🚲


The Williamsons

Well done Elita. So lovely to see you and your mum & dad today. Keep up the pedalling!


Dennis Gillespie


Margaret Kean


Neil Tilston


Joanna Stout

From all the Stouts


Shona Townsend



Moraig Piggot

What an amazing thing to do Elita 💖 we are so proud of your courage and determination 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️ Love from the Piggots xx


Fiona Small

Well done Elita, keep up the amazing effort! xx


Jack Turner


Nonno And Nonna

Keep pedalling


Paul, Gill, Nick, Eleanor And Hannah Xxxxx

Don’t get too dizzy going round and round the Loch!



Lots of love, keep pedalling.


George Macfarlane And Christine & Ronnie

You are an inspiration and thank you for sharing your cycle run venture with us.


Kevin Madill

Fantastic effort for a great cause! Go Elita!


Nicola & Alun Barton

Well done Elita! Xx


Gary & Ali Torbet

Well done Elita - you are amazing and inspiration to so many of us! Hope you achieve your goals!



Great stuff Elita!


Keena Laing

All the best Elita you are amazing.


Paul Phillipson-masters

Good luck for your cycling challenge!




Stuart Campbell


Debbie Mcartney

Well done Elita


Lesley Scobie

Keep those legs pumping


Lorna, Steve, Arran & Kirsten

You are amazing!


Susan And Alastair

Keep up the great work. Glad to see Clova is doing her bit too!


Janice Murray

Well done - enjoy your cycle


Kate Steven

Hi Elita, great to see you involved in Round Britain again and to read your posts as you take on your 289 mile challenge. Having your class come and see Moonspray in Arbroath was definitely one of the best visits of the whole trip - I hope they cheer you on this time too!


Siew Khim & Douglas

Well done Elita, much Aroha!


Gregor Robbie



Enjoyed the cycle & the chips! Good luck


Joel Mcfarlane

Great stuff wee Sis, sending you lots of love from across the pond.


Anne And Charlie Scott


Andrew Murphy

Good luck! 😁


Tracy Moran ( Elliot's Mum)

What a fantastic challenge. Well done and keep going - you'll inspire so many others.


Susan Hutchinson


Alison Robertson

Well done Elita


Ami Conchie

Well done Elita, so proud of u! Love u always ❤️


Hannah Jamieson??

I’m so proud of you for doing this your so inspirational. I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend love you! 💕💕💕


Iona Mcfarlane

Keep it up little sis xx


Elita Mcfarlane


Fiona Hunter

Good luck with your fundraising, from Harry Hunter and family


Mary Grant

Good luck Elita. Hope you make lots of money for the trust. From Mary (Kirsten's gran)





Well done for taking this on Elita! I can't even get round the block on my bike.


Chris P


Hannah Ingram

i’m so proud of you Elita!! love you always, you’re amazing❤️❤️


Luke Mcgrory

Keep it up kid :)