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Round Britain Your Way - Sunrise to Sunset Challenge!

I'm taking on Round Britain Your Way to raise vital funds so young people can still get the support they need to rebuild their lives after cancer. Young people in recovery are going to need the Trust more than ever in the aftermath of COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels.

The Trust sailed 2,400 miles round Britain twice with crews of young people in 2009 and 2017. This month (September) the Trust are going Round Britain Your Way! The challenge is to sign up to run, walk, swim, cycle or by any other imaginative (but safe!) means to help the Trust rack up the total miles to circumnavigate Great Britain together. 

I have created my own challenge to contribute to the total miles - I present to you the Sunrise to Sunset Challenge!

·        When: Saturday 19th September 

·        Start Time: At Sunrise, 06.44 am (for those who know me... this is a whole challenge in itself!!)

·        End Time: At Sunset, 19:03pm 

·        The challenge: Between sunrise and sunset, I will be walking & cycling as many miles as I can! I plan to either cycle/walk around the whole of Richmond Park (the largest of London's Royal Parks), to Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park, along the river Thames and more (basically wherever my little legs will take me and a few breaks in between!) I will be wearing a Fitbit to track my miles which I will sync to this page.  

·        Support/Donation: The Trust have supported me for the past 12 years, starting with my first sailing trip back in 2008. I have volunteered on Trust Sailing Trips for the past decade and wouldn’t change it for the world! Please support me on my challenge and make a donation if you can. Whatever you can donate, any amount will help other young people start to reimagine a future they might never have thought was possible (something I can massively relate to!)

·        Miles Prediction/Song Recommendation: When donating, in the comments section add your prediction of how many miles you think I will complete between Sunrise & Sunset and add a song recommendation to get me through the day! The closest mile prediction will WIN a PRIZE Ooooo! 

Take a look at the gallery (scroll to bottom of the page) to see my journey with the Trust over the past 12 years! (Got a tad emosh pulling these photos together!) 

THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY SUPPORT & DONATIONS - I truly appreciate it during these difficult times xxx

My Updates

Predictions & song recommendations

Friday 18th Sep
Leanne - 
Song: Don't stop me now, Queen 
Mile prediction: 15 miles

Mile Prediction: 16.5 miles

Song: I feel good, James Brown
Mile prediction: 22 miles

Song: I'm Still Standing, Elton John 
Mile prediction: 23 miles 

Song: I wanna dance with somebody, Whitney Houston
Mile prediction: 24 miles

Song: Amarillo 
Mile Prediction: 25 miles

Song: Body, Loud Luxury
Mile Prediction: 25 miles

Song: On my Way, Phil Collins (Brother Bear Soundtrack) / Chandelier, Sia 
Mile prediction: 25 miles 

Song: Rollercoaster, Ronan Keating
Mile Prediction: 26.2 miles 

Song: Candy Paint, Post Malone 
Mile Prediction: 27 miles 

Song: New York, Alicia Keys ft Jay-Z
Mile Prediction: 28 miles 

Karen Humphreys: 
Song: Simply the Best 
Mile Prediction: 28 miles

Lyns - 
Song: Chumbawumba, Tubthumping
Mile prediction: 30 miles

Song: What's my name, Rhianna ft Drake 
Mile Prediction: 32 miles

Song: Release me, Agnes / Running, Beyonce / You got the love, Dizzie Rascal / Be Somebody, Ballerina
Mile Prediction: 35 miles 

Song: I am telling you I'm not going, David Morales & Elle Cato 
Mile Prediction: 40 miles

Song: Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan 
Mile Prediction: 40 miles

Song: Life is a Highway, Rascal Flatts
Mile prediction: 45 miles

Jake -
Song: Picture me rolling, Tupac / hearts on fire, Rocky 4 / Gonna Fly now, Rocky theme song
Mile prediction: 47 miles

Song: Jump around, House of Pain 
Mile Prediction: 100 miles 

Emily - 
Song: I would walk 500 miles, the proclaimers. 
Mile prediction: 500 miles (LOL!)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Richard Butcher

Fantastic job. Thank you so much.


Maxine Parsons

Tell everyone im on my way , brother bear Chanderler sia 25 miles


Joe Marchant

Go on girl!


Rosie Forrester

You are so amazing Chloe! Love you loads xxxx


Georgina Croswell

Keep walking !


Mummy Jo

Well if it’s anything like your “not so short stories”.... you’re gonna need a lot of tunes and I know that you’re gonna rock this challenge- you coukd even give it a little fox trot along the way 😝. Enjoy your early start, welcome to the sunrise appreciation team 😂😂😂 here’s a tune and a great memory to keep you putting one foot in-front of the other ... so much love for you baby 😘❤️❤️❤️


Joshua Lovell

All the best Chloe. You’re an inspiration. X


Anh Le

Well done, 👏👏🏃‍♀️


Janette Lee

Well Done Chloe


Nanny Pat

Well done chloe, love always Nanny Pat x x


Mark Young


Alex Robbo

Mega, mega proud of you Chloe!!!! Getting me all a bit emotional this morning! Prediction: 28 miles!!! Song: New York (Alicia Keys FT Jay-Z)


Jo Lee

Well done you wonderful girl. You absolutely smashed it. Pink gins on me next week to say well done. You are honestly one of the most determined people I have met so proud!! Lots of love xxxx


Tara London

Song: Lemon Squeezy 😊 Well done Chloe! Xxx


Jessica Harper

Very proud of you honey, go ahead and smash it! Gonna go with 24 miles in recognition of the age I will be turning shortly... (Shh!)... Will do you a favour and put Whitney, wanna dance with somebody, on the playlist, expecting ofcourse you replace the world 'dance' with whatever method of transport you are doing when its on! Xxxx


Julie Goodyear

Good luck - Julie


The Seeds

Go on Chlo, we are very proud of you! We predict 40 miles. Song: David Morales- I am telling you I'm not going. Vinnie says " Go Chlo Chlo"


Danny Parsons And Cas

Good luck chlo from dan cas and the kids ( we will be thinking of you after we wake from a nice long lay in)


Charlotte Allcock

Good Luck Chloe! xx



Well done Chloe! Lots of love H xxx


Jayne Davidson

Well done chlo! Unfortunately I missed the chance to add a song! I predict you did 32 miles! Yo go glen coco xxx


Nanny Beryl


Aileen Williams

Song: Life is a Highway, Rascal Flatts Mile prediction: 45 miles


Karen Humphreys

Good luck chloe you are an inspiration to us all x Song Simply the best 28 miles


Sarah Willis

Well done mate xx


Ella Lezi

Well done girl !


Holly Parsons

Good luck clo, your gunna smash the's the waking up I'm worried about ;) Proud of you as always xxxxx Prediction - Miles : 35 miles Songs - agnes: release me -beyonce - running running running running -dizzie rascal - you got the love -be somebody - ballerina


Jo Southcombe

Awesome work chloe! :) Bob Dylan- like a rolling stone 40miles?! Have a good one! X


Steph Higgins

Good luck Chloe, your such an inspiration! Mile prediction: 23 miles Song: I’m still standing, Elton John


Kerry Whitby


Cerys Propert-lewis

Go go my bestest chicken friend. You are awesome xxx❤😗


Christian Mitchell

Well done Chloe 🙌🏻


Michelle Mat Oli

Well done chloe, love aunty shell and uncle mat n oli x x x


Emily Otterson

Good luck Hun 😘


India Goodyear

Good luck Clo! Xx


Jake Green

Go smash it Chlo... always an inspiration! Much love me sissy from another missy xxxx


Leanne Bowden

Good luck chloe!!


Lynsey Bramley

Good luck Chlo, you superstar! Miles: 30 Song: Tubthumping – Chumbawumba


Jules Sykes

There can ONLY be one song & that is the LEGENDARY Nutella song - played loud & on repeat!!


Maisie Green

Love you Aunty Chlo, well done for everything you’ve done today xxxx