About the Trust

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national charity that supports young people aged 8-17 and 18-24 to rebuild confidence through sailing and adventure activities. For many young people, picking up from where they left off before cancer just isn’t possible. So, when treatment ends our work begins.

Coming sailing for the first time

Four-day trips for 8-17 and 18-24 year-olds take place from Cowes on the Isle of Wight and Largs in Scotland. But sailing is only part of it…

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Supporting over time

Rebuilding robust confidence goes beyond a one-off experience. Our Return Trips provide the continued support many young people need in recovery from cancer.

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Siblings need support too

A chance for brothers and sisters of young people the Trust has previously supported in recovery from cancer to enjoy an experience that is their own.

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The difference we make. 

Only after treatment ends can a young person start rebuilding their life from the devastation of cancer. Watch as medical experts explain how the Trust's impact on a young person's recovery.